The Commissionary of Meerut Governs over the following Districs in the state of Uttar Pradesh






 Meerut is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an ancient city with settlements dating back to the Indus Valley  civilization having been found in and around the area. The city lies 70 km (43 mi) northeast of the national capital New Delhi, and  453 km (281 mi) northwest of the state capital, Lucknow. It is the second largest city in the National Capital Region of India (the  largest being Delhi), the 16th largest metropolitan area and 25th largest city in India. It ranked 292 in 2006 and 242 in 2010 in the  list of largest cities and urban areas in the world.






 The District of bulandshahr is in Meerut region of Utter Pradesh located between Ganga and Yamuna rivers. This is situated  between 28.4 0 south and 28.0 0 north latitude and between 77.0 0 and 78.0 0 longitude. The District is about 84 km in length and  62 km is breadth. The district is 237.44 meters above sea level.






 Ghaziabad was founded in 1740 by the emperor, Ghazi-ud-din, who called it Ghaziuddinnagar after himself and built a spacious  structure consisting of 120 rooms of masonry with pointed arches. After the opening the railway line the name of the place was  shortened to Ghaziabad.






 The District Gautam Buddh Nagar was formed on 6/9/97 with effect from Govt. order no 1249/97/82/97 by carving out the portions  of Ghaziabad and Bulandshahar. District Gautam Buddh Nagar includes Dadri and Bisrakh blocks carved out of gaziabad, while  Dankaur and Jewar blocks have been carved out of Bulandshahar District. 18 other villages from Bulandshahar have also been  carved out and have been included in Dankaur and Jewar.






 District Bagpat is one of the district of Uttar Pradesh. The city is located on the bank of river Yamuna.It was originally known as  ‘Vyagprastha’ - Land of Tigers (because of the population of tigers found many centuries ago. Later on it was changed to  Bagpat.The main commercial activity of the people living in this region is making and selling GUD and Sugar . Apart from this,  there are certain units who are involved in the making of shoes and agricultural equipment's.






 Panchsheel Nagar district (Hapur) was announced on 28 September 2011 as one of three new districts of Uttar Pradesh state of  India. Panchsheel Nagar district is a part of Meerut division. It is currently under certain changes for developing into a complete  district. Soon it will be well developed and more facilities would be available there.